Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Dreams- God's provision is worldwide

Nothing is impossible with God. Often we say we have faith, but our words and actions point in the opposite direction. Sometimes I too stand guilty regarding this matter. This was another occasion that God spoke clearly regarding what we often think.

Sometime back, I saw a dream concerning a servant of God. He is a good friend of mine and has the gift of prophesy. He has a widespread ministry in Kerala, South India.

In the dream, I saw that God was preparing a way for this servant of God to go to one of the Gulf countries to minister. The next morning I called him up and told him what I had seen. Immediately he said, “That’s impossible. I have no relations there and no one there knows me too.” I was speaking on the phone and as soon as he said that, the still small voice spoke to me and said, “Joseph had no relations in Egypt, yet I gave him a home there and I blessed him….”

I marveled at what the Lord said.

God is all powerful and once He gives us a promise, He doesn’t back away, but fulfills it in His own wonderful time, however impossible the situation be.

For nothing spoken by God is impossible. (Luke 1:37)

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