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Free Christian Wallpaper 1024X768

Free Christian Wallpaper 1024X768

Fictional Stories, but could be true...3

3. Whom shall we impress?

There was frantic activity in the Pearson's home. Their pastor had just called saying that the guest pastor who was to speak the next morning for Sunday Worship would be dining at their home. Could they make arrangements? Of course, Mr. Pearson had said without giving it a second thought and their pastor had hung up the phone saying they would be there by 7pm. "How could you agree? retorted Mrs. Pearson as soon as her husband gave her the news. Just look around, this house is in a mess. Truly, the house was in a mess. There were a pile of things lying scattered, the carpet was not vaccumed, there were spider cobwebs hanging from the side walls, the shelves were in disarray. The children were busy squatting on the ground eating chips and peanuts. Just 3 hours for the guests to arrive. This was an emergency. They decided to buy dinner for the guests so that they had enough time to tidy up the house to impress the guest speaker. The front room, dining room and the bathroom should be made spick and span, because that would be the only places that the guest would actually be seeing. After all, said Mama, "First impression is the best impression". Dad agreed.

Dad & Mom got to work; sweeping, scrubbing, vaccumming, arranging... Mark, the teenager rushed out to buy dinner and fresh flowers from the nearby mall, after putting the younger children in his room upstairs. A couple of hours later, they were still sweating it out. The bathroom was the final thing to be taken care of and Dad gave it a vigorous scrub. Mom put in the final touches; new eye catching table cloth, fresh blooms in the vase. "They look gorgeous," she said to herself. The children were bathed, everyone dressed their best and were ready by 7.

7.10, the door bell rang. Mr. Pearson rushed to the door and opened. "Mr. Pearson, how good to see you", said the pastor. Looking over his shoulder, he waved to Mrs. Pearson and the kids. And this is Pastor Benson, he said, holding the guest speaker's hand and guiding him into the Pearson's home. "Oh, I forgot to tell you when I called", said their pastor, "Pastor Benson is an amazing man, great speaker, was born blind, he can't see anything at all."

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