Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Share 365 Blessings Audios

Anyone with an online radio or website can use my mp3 devotionals without alterations free of cost. Download link attached. God bless.

Share 365 Blessings Audios

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Bible Basics & More App (Free)

Dear friends,  

Just wanted to introduce this new Bible Basics & More App that I am releasing today for God's glory. It's an app that helps anyone to study the Bible and it's 66 books. Please do visit the site www.biblebasics.xyz and download the Android or iOS App free of cost. It is designed to give the user a concise knowledge of the Bible and it's contents. More studies will be added regularly. Included in the App is Bible & Bible Messages Radio which broadcasts the Bible and inspirational Christian messages 24/7. 

Direct link to iOS App

Direct link to Android App

Share this message with family & friends and in your groups. 

God bless you. Dr. Johnson Cherian

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