Monday, January 25, 2016

Comments Regarding Book "Dreams, Visions, The Still Small Voice & Miracles"

I've been reading your testimonies through the Android App this morning and what a wonderful revelation they are to me!
I live in Pretoria,  South Africa. God has just recently also begun revealing messages to me through dreams and visions and the still small voice and your work is indeed a wonderful reference work to further aid my ;  "opening of spiritual eyes and ears" to the Lord.

I sense so much of who you are through your writings and I feel a profound Christ-like love for you.
God bless you richly my brother and with this email I send a very powerful prayer for you to be blessed even more in your wonderful work for the Kingdom of God. I also pray for extra super protection of your plans and intentions and a DOUBLE PORTION of everything you are to receive.

Please also pray for me as I am suffering tremendous pain due to completely disintegrated disks in my lower back. Yet I stand on faith and believe for a miracle that God will touch my back.
God bless you wonderful special brother in Christ.

Paul Albrecht

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