Monday, February 6, 2012

Yesterday- 05/02/2012

Yesterday, travelling in a van, several friends of mine discussed how a certain e-mail service they had been using for years had gone haywire with inboxes not opening and some even unable to log in. The problem seemed to be widespread as many complaints were registered on the internet regarding the same. The conclusion among my friends was that the cause was systematic hacking and so some decided to use other e-mail services. The question arises as to how safe is our private information on the internet? Not the right answer. Hackers find ways to even get into government sites of several countries, so a personal website or an e-mail inbox is no big deal.

An evangelist who runs a Christian fortnightly in India sadly told me the other day that his website of the newspaper was hacked and destroyed several times because "Hallelujah" was the title. One Christian forum was similarly hacked a few months ago and now it no longer functions, except that people can read what was posted earlier.

Passwords can be made cryptic, they can be changed regularly, but still they may be deciphered and one may sustain loss. One weapon which can really stop the enemy in his tracks is prayer. It's an oft forgotten and centuries old weapon, but as powerful as it has ever been. Sadly, it's one that is oft ignored to the Christian's loss....To tell the truth.....the enemy has hacked many a Christian's prayer life.

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