Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Dreams- God's Timing

My father-in-law was bedridden and deeply comatose for the last 2 months of his life because of brain cancer. We had him admitted in a hospital for nursing care. Initially there were many relatives and friends coming to visit, but later on no one except me and my wife and a couple of others visited. There was nothing much to do except to pray for God’s will to be fulfilled.

In addition to my father-in-law’s sickness, my mother-in-law was blind and sick too and needed my wife’s constant care. Both of us were tired, physically and mentally because of the circumstances. We were living in a place where people were mostly nominal Christians. Most of them had no personal relationship with Christ and hardly approved of our walk with Christ.

Many speculated as to when my father-in-law would die. Some said he would lie in a comatose state for several months, others were not sure.

It was almost 2 months since he had been admitted to the hospital. During that difficult period, one night the Lord showed me a dream. In the dream I am in the hospital room sitting and watching my unconscious father-in-law, when suddenly he sits up in bed, leaning against the wall. He smiles at me and says, ‘”Come and visit me tomorrow and day after. I’ll be going to heaven on the 3rd day from now.”

I told my wife about the dream and we knew that his end was near. Now here was a challenge put by God. Did I have the courage to tell the nominal Christians that this would happen on the 3rd day from that day and make them realize that our walk with Christ was not fake but for real?

I took up the challenge and told our relatives and neighbors there, that the Lord had told me that my father-in-law would die on the 3rd day from then. Some of them scoffed, some said that he would lie like that for several more months; some of them just laughed it off.

We visited ‘him’ for the next 2 days; he was in the same condition; no apparent change!
The third day was a Sunday and after worship, we went to the hospital again at around 3pm. We were there till around 8pm and he lay there with no change in his condition for better or for worse. We travelled back to my wife’s house, prayed, had dinner and slept.

At around 11.30pm that night, we received a phone call from the hospital conveying that my father-in-law had passed away. We travelled to the hospital immediately and asked the nursing staff how he had died, because when we left, he was just lying there, comatose as usual. They said that as soon as we left, his breathing became labored, he was given oxygen, but he went into cardiorespiratory failure at 11 pm.

The days after this were very hectic, but later when we thought about the dream and my father-in-law’s death; we realized that what God had said in the dream was true. His timing was perfect as it always is. God also made the nominal Christians realize that God was with us and our walk with God was not just a show after all.

Also the Strength of Israel will not lie nor repent; for he is not a man, that he should repent.  

(1 Samuel 15:29)

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