Thursday, September 29, 2011

Short story-He touched me

Jane was a scholar. She had won many awards. She was brilliant right from childhood. She even excelled in sports. She now worked as a top consultant in an IT firm. The only drawback to such an illustrious life was her being an atheist. She was raised by Bible believing parents, but after their early demise and after joining college, she slipped into questioning the existence of God and relied more on science to be the answer to everything. And then the unexpected happened. She woke up one day with sudden loss of vision. The doctors couldn't pinpoint the cause despite a battery of tests. A week into the malady, she was feeling depressed and words from friends and relatives did not comfort her any more. Her friend Ranie was with her during the day in the hospital, helping her in her tragedy. At nights, she was looked after by the nurses. She preferred to stay in the hospital hoping and believing that the doctors would find a cure.

Six weeks into her blindness, one night as she slept, she saw a dream. She saw thousands of angels coming towards her in brilliant light and in the midst of them was one whose eyes were like blazing fire, and on his head were many crowns. He was dressed in a robe dipped in blood and he stood smiling at her. She wondered who he must be, but felt a great peace when in his presence. He stretched out his right hand and touched her eyes. She wanted to be close to him, but soon he and all the angels disappeared. She woke up the next morning with great peace in her heart and though now without any vision, she was cheerful, when her friends came to see her.

When alone she pondered the dream that she had seen the night before. She usually did not see dreams but this was so graphic. A couple of days later when the hospital chaplain came by to see how she was doing, she told him of her dream. Earlier she had derided the chaplain in her heart when he had prayed for her, but now she felt that he had the answer. "Well, that's Jesus that you saw and angels accompanying him."said the chaplain. "Jesus", why would I see him? I never even think about him, she replied. "But he thinks about you and knows you. In fact, he gave his life for you on the cross, so that you could be set free from your sins if you believed in his work on the cross." The chaplain prayed and left. She was intrigued and for a long time thought about what he had said. Was it true? And why did he touch her eyes in the dream?

She wanted someone to desperately tell her more about Jesus and asked her friend to call for the Chaplain the next day. When the Chaplain arrived, her queries regarding Jesus were myriad and when he left after a long time, answering her to her satisfaction, she decided that it was time to seek Jesus by herself. She didn't know how or where to begin, the words wouldn't come to her mouth and she felt a choking sensation in her throat. She cried and confessed her sins and there were no end to her tears that night. She slept finally with a great burden lifted off her being. The next morning, when she woke up, she could see partly from her left eye. The doctors were amazed for she had not been on any specific treatment. They couldn't explain the sudden change. Her vision cleared day by day and after 2 weeks, she could see everything as before. She had taken a decision to live for Jesus and her joy knew no bounds. Anyone who encountered her thereafter had this to hear...I had a dream....Jesus touched me.

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