Friday, October 9, 2020

Dreams, Visions, The Still Small Voice & Miracles- You are not a quitter

One Sunday I was invited to attend a Bible College Worship and deliver a message from the Word Of God, but when I woke up that morning, I felt very sick in my stomach. I had griping pain and loose motions. Usually I fast on Sunday mornings and eat food only after the worship, but this time I couldn’t help it, so I took some medicines for the ailment. As the time drew near for me to travel to the venue, I had a fear in my mind whether I could really make it to the venue and preach because my stomach was in a bad condition. I was praying and praising God for this problem to go away but there was no relief. In between a thought came to my mind that I should perhaps call my hosts and tell them that I wouldn’t be coming, but this program had been arranged a long while ago and a last minute cancellation could mean problems for the college authorities. So I just kept praying and hoping that God would heal and everything would be OK.

I had prepared my message, but contemplating on whether I should cancel my trip that morning, it just came to my mind to pick a book from the shelf and read a bit. It was a true life story of Harold Morris, the author of “Twice Pardoned” (a great read). This book was called “Beyond The Barriers” and I just opened it casually to a page and I was just stunned at the words that leapt in my face the moment I opened the book. It was God speaking to me directly in my situation. Here is what it said.

“One thing I know about you is that you are not a quitter, you can surely do it.”

I did not check what was really happening in the book or who was saying to whom, but God here was directly speaking to me. I was so over whelmed with tears of joy flowing down my cheeks. God had spoken and I didn’t need any more assurances. That morning as I traveled and as I attended the Bible College worship, I just kept thanking God for His love and care for me and my family.

I didn’t have many problems with my tummy after the words that God had spoken to me through the book that morning. I could preach well to the students at the Bible College that morning and it was a good day for me and my family.

Praise God that He speaks to us and comforts us in our times of distress.

Blessed be the LORD, because he has heard the voice of my petitions. (Psalm 28:6)

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