Friday, August 26, 2016

Random Thoughts

There are people watching you

With the new flyover being opened just adjacent to my workplace, commuting became easy. No more going through several zigzag roads and traffic signals to reach home. The only issue that seemed an obstacle was that there was no service road connecting the road in front of my work place to the flyover. But that seemed a non-issue when I saw people crossing over the broad divider with their vehicles; I too did the same. It seemed like a high to cross over to the other side with my vehicle, when smaller vehicles, for fear of hitting their vehicle bottoms on the divider, went round the flyover, came back to a traffic signal and then got on to the flyover. 

This went on for a few days, till a staff at the clinic that I worked in inquired one day whether I had jumped over the divider the night before. I said "yes" and she said, "Sir, I and my brother were watching a vehicle like yours yesterday night as it jumped over the divider and we had an argument, with my brother saying, "You were the one who was driving" and me saying that "it wasn't you, you wouldn't break any rules." Her elder brother had concluded that if I could do it, so could he (they knew to be a minister of the Gospel and she had asked me for prayers for several issues of hers in the past). 

I smiled when I heard that and told her that I did not realize I was breaking any rules and that I would not do it henceforth. A couple of days later, the police started imposing fines on all who parked their vehicles on the "said" divider and also them who were jumping the divider with their vehicles. A good lesson learnt.

As believers and ministers of the Gospel, we must realize that there are people watching us closely as we live out our faith in Jesus Christ, the spotless lamb of God. They are mostly watching whether we are just "talkers of the faith" of "true walkers of the faith." God help us.....

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