Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From the news - 4

From The News Series-4-Miracles, Prayers & Desires Fulfilled

2 month old Jenny Alexis spent 4 days crushed in the rubble after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Her mother was in another part of the town when the earthquake occurred. Someone found her amid the concrete and handed her to a journalist who drove her to the makeshift hospital run by the University of Miami. Dr. Karen Schneider, head of the department of Pediatrics in the hospital, who had worked 30 hours continuously and was taking a much needed nap was woken up by the nurse to take care of Jenny.

The baby was unconscious and she had a head trauma with an indentation in her skull and her chest was completely caved in. 4 days without any liquids, Jenny was so dehydrated that the doctor could not even get an IV into her veins. With no choice, the doctor delivered the fluids directly into Jenny's leg bones. The doctor operated on her and later she was flown to Miami in a private jet provided by Project Mediashare.

Nadine Devilme, the mother of the baby thanked God continually for saving her baby. She also had a fervent desire to meet the doctor who had saved her daughter, but didn't know how to. The doctor also had a desire to know how the baby was doing after a year of her surgery. The mother's and Doctor's desire were fulfilled when the doctor made inquiries and met their family at their home in Miami. The child was perfectly normal. The mother thanked the doctor profusely. The Doctor said it was a gift to be able to see the baby. She had thought that the baby wouldn't live for 2 hours when she had been brought to her initially.

"May he give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed." (Psalms 20:4)

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